How to Pick 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents to Show You Care

When your parents reach their 50th wedding anniversary it should be seen as a significant event. You are one product of their successful union and while there may be others you can make a contribution to this important time in their lives by choosing a 50th wedding anniversary gift that perfectly suits them. You’re in an enviable position, compared to any other people who wish to buy them a gift. After all who could possibly know them as well as you do. Which means you should be able to find a gift that is a little out of the ordinary, definitely more personal and one that is more creative. Making it far more memorable than any other presents they’ll receive.

Let’s start with a few suggestions, and you should have enough fodder to start your gift choosing challenge.

Help them enjoy a romantic getaway

Why not surprise your parents by paying for them to enjoy a romantic vacation? They might enjoy revisiting the place they enjoyed their first honeymoon fifty years ago. It’ll be a chance for them to recreate some of the precious moments they had the first time they were there. Alternatively, do you remember them saying they wished they could visit a dream destination? Make their wish come true A certain guy from the USA did just that for his mom and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary. Take a look at the YouTube video he made when he revealed he had paid for them to take a vacation in Hawaii.

Remember some of those comical moments

We reckon your parents will have had a few of them during the time they’ve been married, which means they must have a sense of humour. Appeal to this side of their personality with a comical gift. A gift that will have them laughing is sure to surpass any of the other gifts they receive. How about matching t-shirts that say loud and proud “Still putting up with each other after half a century”? A popular artistic gift for parents would be a professional caricature that’s been created from one of their old photographs. A caricature of them on their wedding day is sure to have them giggling.


Gold-dipped natural rose

Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

  • a natural rose dipped in 24k gold
  • it perfectly combines the beauty of a rose and the majesty of fine gold
  • a unique art piece with a quality lustrous finish

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Gold-dipped rose and purple jewelry set

Gold-Dipped Rose & Purple Jewelry Set

  • a natural rose dipped in 24k gold.
  • pendant formed from natural miniature purple rose petals
  • each earring comprises a perfect miniature purple rose head

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A 50th wedding anniversary gift for parents made of gold

A gift that incorporates the golden theme will be an ideal 50th wedding anniversary gift for your parents. A pair of gold cufflinks, or gold watch for your dad. And gold earrings, necklace, or bracelet for your mom will touch their hearts. Add a special anniversary message with an engraving and you’ve got the perfect anniversary gift.

More 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents

Picking the right kind of gift for an anniversary couple can sometimes be difficult. For a wedding anniversary that is golden, and when the anniversary couple are your mom and dad then it’s going to be rather daunting. So here are a few more ideas to help you in your quest.

  • Golden Anniversary Wedding Gifts for CouplesGifts as keepsakes – A very unique golden anniversary gift that can be personalized and kept as a keepsake is a great 50th anniversary gift idea. A scrapbook filled with memories of their life together, an anniversary collage, a plate with a photograph of them on their wedding day, a personalized picture frame with a photo of the happy couple – you must get the idea!
  • Champagne and engraved glasses – They are bound to want to toast each other on their anniversary, so what better way to do it than with a bottle of champagne, together with gold trimmed champagne flutes? Once the excitement of the day has faded they’ll still have a gift they can treasure and use time and time again.
  • Tickets to an event – For your parents 50th anniversary give them tickets to one of their favourite events. It could be listening to a symphony orchestra, theatre tickets, tickets to a sporting fixture, or listening to a favourite band or singer. If the event has a ‘kiss and tell’ camera fixture be sure to let the organisers know in advance of your parents anniversary and they’ll see themselves on the big screen.
  • VIP Membership to a club – Is there a club or dining establishment where they’ve long dreamed of becoming members? Pay for an annual membership and see how they appreciate being treated like VIP celebrities.
  • An ode to your mom and dad – Have the following poem printed on a colourful backdrop and give it to them in a gold picture frame.
Mom and Dad

traditional gift ideasFor all the times that I forgot to say “Thank-you”,
For all the special little things you do,
For all the words that sometimes go unspoken,
I need to say “I love you both, I do”.

I love you for the way you stop and listen,
And for your kind support throughout the years,
For teaching me the meaning of compassion,
And sharing in my triumphs and my tears.

And if, at times, I may have seemed ungrateful
I want to say “I truly hope you see,
That nothing you have done for me has been forgotten,
And day by day you just mean more to me.

Written by Genie Graveline


rose for her

Golden wedding anniversary gifts for parents who say they don’t want you to spend any money

If your parents are the kind of folk who worry about the cost of gifts, you can still celebrate their golden wedding anniversary in a special way.

  • Home made coupons for some of the jobs they’d appreciate some help with such as housecleaning, yard work or garage clearout.
  • Gift vouchers for a health spa or beauty treatments
  • Sign them up for some interesting lessons at the local community centre such as dancing classes, the internet for beginners, aerobics or creative writing classes
  • Make a donation in their name to a favourite charity or organization
  • Pay for a subscription to a favourite magazine or local newspaper

If you really want to make their 50th anniversary memorable, just put some thought into your gift. The right gift will show how they have a special place in your heart, how proud you are of all their achievements,how their love continues to weather the good and the bad times, and how they always seem to come out smiling.