Portray Your Love with 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

How many years have you counted down the days to your wedding anniversary, excited about the gifts you’re going to receive from your husband? Have you tried to return the excitement with anniversary gifts for him? Perhaps this year you should push the boat out and buy him a 50th wedding anniversary gift you know he’ll adore. Find the right gift and you’ll also be expressing your love for this important man in your life.

golden gift boxMen can be very difficult to buy gifts for, so what are your options when your looking for 50th wedding anniversary gifts for your husband? Gifts range from the very basic to extremely extravagant and all variations in between. You need to use your imagination and come up with a gift that comes from your heart. Keep his preferences at the forefront of your mind, and you’ll have no problem finding a gift to please.

Budget-friendly 50th wedding anniversary gifts for men

If you know your husband really won’t appreciate a gift costing hundreds of dollars don’t be disheartened as there are heaps of low-cost gifts for the man you love.

  • Write him a love letter and explain why you love him
  • Give him a photograph of you both together in a personalised gold frame, or have the photo made into a keyring, wallet insert, or printed on a t-shirt
  • Have someone make a CD of his favourite songs
  • A personalized calendar that has some memorable pictures of a few special events
  • A humorous mug for his morning coffee
  • Cook a candle-lit dinner and afterwards enjoy a sentimental movie or an all-action thriller if that’s what he’d prefer

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50th wedding anniversary presents for him related to his hobby

Does your husband have a hobby, or something he really enjoys doing? This is a good avenue to explore when looking for a present for your husband.

  • The sportsman will love a gift connected to his favourite sport
  • The gardener will really appreciate some new garden tools or equipment to take the toil out of some of those back-breaking tasks
  • If he enjoys relaxing with a glass of beer, wine or spirits then why not give him a few more bottles of his favourite tipple?
  • Tickets to a music concert, theatre, show or sporting event
  • Model car or airplane
  • Gadgets for his camping trips
  • Travel accessories because he’s always on the go

Practical golden wedding anniversary presents for him

Men on the whole, much prefer gifts with a purpose. A practical gift for him that perfectly matches his needs will be perfect. Being able to use his gift regularly will mean he’s always reminded of your anniversary.

  • 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for HimLuggage
  • Briefcase or laptop bag
  • Watch
  • Shaving set
  • Clothing
  • Wallet
  • Cologne

Is your husband still a bit of an adventurer?

They say men never really grow up. Is your husband the kind of guy who still enjoys thrills and adventure? Why not give him the opportunity to have an adventure all his own?

  • Helicopter ride
  • Flying lessons
  • Sailing lessons
  • Supercar driving lessons
  • Horse riding
  • Mountain climbing

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For the man who loves romantic gestures

Ladies love a bit of romance, and many men love it too. Romantic gifts can be simple or more elaborate, but as long as they come from the heart the emotion behind the gift will be obvious.

  • Write him a love letter
  • Enjoy a dinner cruise just the two of you
  • Book a weekend getaway so you can relax and enjoy each others company without any interruptions
  • Rent a limousine and enjoy a night on the town, starting off with dinner at a fancy restaurant and then watching a show
  • Present him with a favourite photograph in a gold frame

Take your husband on the trip of a lifetime

fiftieth wedding anniversaryBy the time you’ve reached your fiftieth wedding anniversary there should be very few things that are a priority when it comes to money. Your mortgage should be paid off, and your kids are no longer a financial burden, so spend some of your savings on the vacation of a lifetime. It’s time for you to enjoy some time together free of any responsibilities, and some time to relax. To tie in with the traditional theme of gold why not take a trip to Australia’s Gold Coast or take a trip to Las Vegas and gamble a bit of cash at the Gold Coast Casino?

A wedding day newspaper is an original
wedding anniversary gift idea for him

If your husband is a bit of a history buff he’ll love a gift that allows him to look back in history, even though it’s only half a century. Available in a presentation pack that includes a original newspaper from the day you got married, he’ll be able to look back with fond memories at the newsworthy events of the day and be reminded what was

An anniversary gift basket

If you’re struggling to decide on the one perfect gift for him then choose a few options and give them to him in an anniversary basket. Include all his favourites such as food, beverages, books, CD’s, DVD’s and toiletry items and he’ll be smiling and enjoying his gift for many weeks to come.

With a 50th wedding anniversary fast approaching don’t spend too long deliberating your choices. Or you’ll be leaving it till the last minute and be left with far fewer options. Thankfully it’s not like Valentine;s Day when all the best gifts are bought long before the actual day, and all that’s left, if you’ve left your gift shopping till the last minute, are the gifts nobody else wants.

fiftieth wedding anniversary for himWedding anniversary gifts are available all year long, and you won’t find yourself dealing with the best gifts being sold out. Nevertheless planning well in advance and making your purchase well ahead of the day will mean you aren’t rushed into making a hasty decision. Which often works out to be the wrong one.

Finding the perfect 50th anniversary gift for your husband shouldn’t be too distressing. Pick something with your heart and it’s bound to be a success.

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